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Top Reasons to Give an Employee a Company Cell Phone


Purchasing a cell phone for an employee is just the first expense in an ongoing stream of costs that you will incur. Careful thought must be given before you decide to give an employee a company cell phone. The following is a list of consideration to help you determine if the benefit of the cell phone out weighs the cost.

The Mobile Employee

Salespeople and executives are the most frequent employees that travel on company business. Travel may be across the country, across the world or just across town. They must be reachable in order to service customers, manage the business and make quick decisions. In today’s online Internet culture, customers and employees are now expecting rapid responses to their needs. A cell phone in this employee’s hand will give you an advantage over your competition.

Safety On The Road

Service related businesses have employees on the road all the time. If an employee is constantly traveling in an automobile or other company vehicle, evaluate the areas (urban, rural, etc.) that are most frequently traveled in. Then decide if there is a safety consideration that would be addressed by having a cell phone.

Tech Support

Tech support employees that are on-site may need expert information from another employee. Having a cell phone will allow that employee to quickly establish contact with the right resource. Also, key employees on vacation or business travel may need to be contacted quickly. Having a “general/shared use” company cell phone will establish this contact and help save you money at the same time.

On Call After Hours

Employees on call will need to be contacted quickly. For urgent situations, time is critical and a company cell phone will help you contact that employee quickly and results in better customer service.

Setting the Precedent

Be careful. Once you start allocating company cell phones to employees, other employees may start asking for company cell phones too. If you have a justifiable reason as to why you gave one employee a cell phone and another employee with the same reason does not get a company cell, animosity between employees or between employees and managers could be created.
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