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Managing Communications To and From Customers

Efficient and effective communications with customers involves a lot more that just answering the phone on the first ring. This section will cover strategies and technologies for connecting with your customers. I will move beyond simple messaging techniques, and talk about ways to share information that will build a solid relationship between you and your customers.
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Business Phone Etiquette
Today's sophisticated business phone systems can do more harm than good if proper business phone etiquette is not employed. The main areas of business phone etiquette are listed here and they will help you and your employees create a business telephone culture in your company that your customers will love.

How To Give a Professional Voicemail Greeting
A voicemail greeting is a statement of who you are and what your company values. A short and abrupt voicemail greeting will send a negative message to your callers. A properly composed voicemail greeting can leave your customers with a positive image of your company.

How To Professionally Transfer a Call
Proper business telephone etiquette can make a positive impression on your callers. Transferring a telephone call is more than just knowing what buttons to push on your telephone system. The business telephone etiquette that you and your employees use directly reflects upon the image that your business portrays.

How To Professionally Put A Caller On Hold
The last thing a caller wants to hear is that they are going to be put on hold. By employing these simple techniques and following a few rules, your caller will not be offended when you put them on hold.

How To Select an Answering Service
Communications with your customers does not end when you turn off the lights and lock the doors at night. If it is important for your customers to reach you after hours, it must be important to you. Here are some tips to help you select an answering service and better serve your customers.

Top Video Conferencing Applications and Services
Sometimes voice teleconferencing just isn’t enough to communicate your thoughts and ideas to your customers. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be priceless. For a minimal investment and a small charge (some are actually free) you can set up a video conference and see the people you are talking to.

Using "I.M." and "Instant Messaging"
Instant messaging (IM) is becoming more and more popular. What started as a teenage fad has become an alternative way to communicate with your customers. Find out what IM is and if it is right for you.

How To Choose Teleconference Services
Connecting customers with employees that are located in different places does not have to be an expensive travel endeavor. You can set up a conference call that will connect you, your employees and your customer, no matter where they are, for a fraction of the cost it would take for you to travel.

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