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Managing, Controlling and Securing Information

The information needs of companies have greatly expanded over the last two decades. Today, any company not taking advantage of computers is doomed to fail. Also, companies that have mismanaged their information have also failed. These resources will help you manage and select the right computer and networking technologies that will insure your company's survival in the digital age we now live in.
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Managed Web Hosting
One of the most differentiating assets that a company can use is technology. But increasing your Internet presence does not mean you have to buy expensive servers and higher costly personnel. Managed web hosting companies can provide you with the expertise you need at a reduced cost.

Email Etiquette
With the massive amounts of emails sent every day, it's important that your employees obey the rules of business email etiquette. This guide will help you and your employees use email properly to in order to maximize its effectiveness in your business.

Free Office Automation Software
Does your business need professional quality office automation software but you just can't afford Microsoft Office for every computer? The free alternative to Microsoft office may just be the solution you're looking for. Find out how to get it for free here

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is a Microsoft service that allows businesses to access office automation and workgroup collaboration software safely and securely over the Internet. It has the potential to save businesses money on overall IT expenses. Learn more about Microsoft office 365 and what it can do for your business.

Information Security Best Practices
Information security is a complicated subject to comprehend. Implementing these simple IT security best practices will start the process of securing all of your company's information resources.

9 Ways to Guard Your Digital Life
New malware is being written every day. It targets home computers as well as the computers in your business. How do you protect yourself against this ever evolving threat from malware? Find out here.

Business Internet Safety Guide
Business internet safety is more than just installing a firewall to protect your business network. This article will show you the right combination of hardware, software and education to provide your business with a safe internet environment.

The Ultimate Malware Protection Guide
New malware is being written every day. It targets home computers as well as the computers in your business. How do you protect yourself against this ever evolving threat from malware? Find out here.

Business Software 101
Computers and software give your employees a set of tools to help them move, manage and store information in an efficient and secure manner. Here are the different types of software that you will need in your business.

Essential Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster recovery planning is the process of creating a document that details how your business will recover from a catastrophic event. All businesses need a disaster recovery plan, but few businesses take the time to write a detailed and all encompassing plan. There are many different types and kinds of catastrophic events. We are going t

Information Technology - Definition and History
There are a lot ideas and definitions about what information technology (IT) is and what it isn't. Here is a short discussion about IT that stresses the more traditional definition.

Basic Physical Security
Securing your hardware, software and data is the most important aspect of information technology. Here is a short list of basic physical security practices for you to safeguard your business' IT assets.

Ending a Phone Call Professionally
Here is a list of what other readers do to end a phone call professionally.

How to Buy an Office Printer
Buying an office printer is can seem overwhelming. Follow this simple guide by answering a few questions, and you will be ready to buy the perfect office printer for your business.

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