1. Money

Managed Web Hosting

Six Reasons to Outsource Web Hosting


Managed web hosting companies can provide you with the expertise and resources that you couldn't afford to acquire on your own. With the economy in a constant state of turmoil, it is important for companies to leverage every asset that they have. The Internet is penetrating every area of our lives and successful companies will use this to their advantage. But, you do not have to buy expensive servers and costly personnel in order to increase your presence on the Internet. Managed web hosting companies can host your Internet website and provide many other advantages to your business.

1. Constant and Predictable Costs

By partnering with a reputable managed web hosting company, you will know exactly what your monthly costs will be for hosting your company's website. Contracts as long as three years can be signed in order to lock in the current price for an extended period of time. Additionally, the contract will usually spell out the cost for additional hosting services. This will allow you to do a cost-benefit analysis with the actual cost of the service that is being analyzed.

2. Focus on Your Business, Not Technology

Instead of worrying if your company has the most current technology, the best software for security or built-in fault tolerance, you can concentrate on using your website to meet your business objectives. Whether you are looking to increase the visibility of your business on the Internet, offer better customer service or expand into e-business technology, the resources at the web hosting company will be available for you to accomplish these goals.

3. Increased Reliability and Up-Time

If you have ever owned a computer, you have probably experienced a system crash that has taken your computer down. The same thing can happen to Web servers. As your Internet presence expands, your customers will depend more and more upon your website and they will expect it to be available when they want to use it. Web hosting companies can provide redundant systems in order to increase uptime, provide better fault tolerance and improved load balancing.

4. Better Physical Security

Most companies don't think about physical security for their computer systems until after an incident has impacted their business. Managed web hosting companies are experts in this area and provide some of the best physical security to protect the servers that host your website and store your company's data. Additionally, since the managed web hosting servers are not located at your business, the risk of a disgruntled employee taking out their frustrations on one of your servers is eliminated.

5. Expert Support Available

As with all technology, there will come a point in time where you will need some expert advice or technical support. Instead of relying upon one person whose responsibility includes managing your Web server as one of many other duties that he/she is responsible for, you will have access to a team of experts. Most managed web hosting packages for businesses include a 24/7 support line that can help you address problems. Additionally, support services are provided to answer questions regarding website features and operations.

6. Reduce Staffing Requirements

Since the hardware, software and human resources required to host a web server internally have been eliminated, your personnel costs will also drop. Keep in mind, that this is not the result of sacrificing a service to your employees or customers, but instead it's due to the fact that you are providing the same, if not better, service at the same or reduced cost.

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