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Office Jobs - Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary

Essential Guide to Office Jobs


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Job Description

Both job titles provide advanced administrative support for one or two executives or managers. What separates this office job from the other more clerical and routine office jobs is the level of responsibility and confidentiality associated with this position. In addition to basic office functions, the Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary is also responsible for writing/preparing reports, organizing/scheduling meetings, reviews incoming correspondence to determine its significance, prepares agendas for board meetings, makes travel arrangements, compiles meeting minutes, conducts research, prepares correspondence, supervises and trains junior level office staff.

There are several levels of experience that include:

  • Entry-Level Administrative Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Secretary
  • Senior Executive Secretary
  • Office Manager
  • Senior Office Manager
Note: Legal and medical assistants have special training that is required by the profession in which they work.

Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary in a Small Office

In a small office the responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary are usually carried out by a variety of office staff. Some work may actually be done by the executives of the company themselves.

Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary in a Medium Office

As the size of a company increases, the need for a person that is highly organized and can perform a wide variety of tasks increases. This is especially necessary for the executives that run the company in order to maintain a high level of confidentiality and integrity for the business that is being conducted.

Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary in a Large Office

It is common for a large office to have several Administrative Assistants and/or Executive Secretaries. At this point it is usually necessary to have an office manager that will coordinate the staff that services the executives of the company. In some cases the Administrative Assistants will accompany the executive on long business trips in order to assist him/her with meeting arrangements, scheduling and organizational tasks.

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