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Essential Guide to Office Jobs


Job Description

The job of the office manager or office supervisor is to supervise, coordinate and schedule the employees working in the office. Duties may include: purchasing, task assignments, project management, quality assurance, hiring and firing of office staff, performance evaluations, problem resolution and payroll. Interpersonal and human relationship skills are required for a successful office manager or office supervisor.

Office Manager/Supervisor in a Small Office

In a small office the role of the office manager/supervisor is performed by the owner or high level manager such as the plant manager or branch manager.

Office Manager/Supervisor in a Medium Office

Depending upon the size of the office, the management and supervisory functions can be a permanent full-time job. A full-time position is usually required when the day-to-day functions of the office have outgrown the collective time that the plant or branch manager has available. Strife, missed deadlines, inefficiencies and excessive overtime are all indications that a full-time office manager or supervisor is required.

Office Manager/Supervisor in a Large Office

A large office will always have a permanent full-time office manager. In fact, there may be several office supervisors below him or her. This will definitely be necessary if there are multiple shifts worked and/or weekend hours.

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