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Job Description

The basic office job of a receptionist is to greet the general public, visitors, customers and other parties that arrive at your business in person. In addition, the receptionist is responsible for answering the telephone, directing calls, providing information on the company/products and some general administrative tasks. The most important job that the receptionist performs is to serve as the "gate keeper" to the company. This includes screening calls, discerning the nature and purpose of a visit, contacting the appropriate employee when a visitor arrives and calling emergency services (police, fire and ambulance) when required. Other related office jobs include:
  • Front Desk Coordinator
  • Greeter
  • Switchboard Operator
  • Call Screener

Receptionist in a Small Office

In a small office, the office job of receptionist is usually a full-time, but rarely dedicated to the tasks of just a receptionist. The responsibilities of the receptionist are usually assigned to a secretary or clerk that is positioned near the public entrance to the business. Additional tasks assigned include receiving packages/mail, typing, order entry, mail preparation or any other task that can be interrupted when a guest arrives.

Receptionist in a Medium Office

The position of receptionist will be a full-time employee dedicated to greeting people as the enter the business. During periods of low traffic, additional work that may normally be accomplished by a secretary or clerk may be assigned.

Receptionist in a Large Office

The responsibilities of the receptionist's position are very well defined. It may include a formal list of tasks and duties that are expected of the person in that position. In addition, there will be clear and precise directions on what is to happen under certain situations. For example, how you are to handle an upset customer or a pushy salesperson.

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