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Job Description

The office job of a secretary is to perform routine clerical and administrative functions that are focused on supporting one individual or a small group of similar individuals (e.g. sales personal, faculty, etc.). This office job requires a more in depth skill level than would be required by a strictly clerical position. Interpersonal skills are a plus. Tasks include word processing, drafting correspondence, appointment scheduling, organizing work schedules, setting up filing systems (paper and electronic), telephone answering, call screening, visitor greeting, and supervising of lower level clerical staff.

Note: Legal, medical, and executive secretaries have special training that is required by the profession in which they work.

Secretary in a Small Office

In a small office the scope of responsibilities of a secretary are expanded beyond the limited number of people that would be supported in a medium or large office. Since the volume of work does not exist in a small office, the secretary may also perform the tasks of a clerk, data entry operator and/or receptionist. Because of the skill level required for this position, finding a suitable part-time employee may prove difficult.

Secretary in a Medium Office

The responsibilities of a secretary in a medium office are usually well defined. There will be some flexibility between the number of people serviced and the tasks performed. For example, the secretary may cover for the receptionist during lunch or vacations. A limited number of clerical tasks may be assigned too.

Secretary in a Large Office

The office job of a secretary in a large office is very well defined. Human resources may have several levels of secretarial duties identified that are based upon the experience required for the specific position. The lower levels include a limited number of clerical duties, while the higher levels focus on the organizational, communicational and interpersonal skills of the position.

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