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How To Avoid Outsourcing

5 Tips To Protect Yourself from Outsourcing


Strategies to Avoid Outsourcing
Outsourcing is a common practice in the business world. Many employees worry about it and how they can avoid the outsourcing of their job. As an employee, you have more control over your future employment than you think. Put the following directives into practice and you will minimize the effects that outsourcing will have on your job. You may actually end up getting promoted!

1. Avoid Outsourcing by Increasing Your Business Know-How

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Many employees come to work everyday with their "employee blinders" on. They only thing that they pay attention to is what's going on in their little corner of the company. These employees will be the first to be outsourced.

The employees that will avoid outsourcing will have a broader knowledge of the company. They will understand who the customers are and what they want. They will know the inner workings of the company and what makes it successful. They will be the ones left when everyone else's job has been outsourced. Management will see their value to the company and find a job for them so the company will not lose these valuable employees.

2. Avoid Outsourcing by Expanding Your Value Added

Many employees are stuck in the day-to-day grind of working for a living. Albeit that they arrive at work on time everyday and they stay right until the end of their shift, that's about the extent of their loyalty to the company. They do their job well and that's about it.

The employees that will avoid outsourcing will look for ways to improve their job and their performance. They will make suggestions on how to be more efficient or how to save the company money. They will go the extra distance to serve the customer.

3. Avoid Outsourcing by Positioning Yourself for Management

When an area of the company is outsourced, somebody still has to manage the outsourcing company and agreement. Position yourself to be that person. Go back to college for a business degree and get the skills you need. If you already have a college degree, attend some training classes to brush up on your management and leadership skills.

4. Avoid Outsourcing by Networking With Your Superiors

When the final decision is made as to who will go and who will stay, a certain amount of "company politics" and favoritism will be taken into consideration. Right, wrong or indifferent, these factors have been around as long business itself. So you might as well align yourself with the people who will be making the decision. Smile and be friendly regardless of how you feel about somebody. That person may have your future employment in their hands.

5. Avoid Outsourcing by Being Prepared

When all else fails, be prepared. Have your cover letter and resume up to date and ready to go. If the company's "grapevine" is buzzing about the possibility of outsourcing, heed the warning signs and don't delay. If the company is looking to promote somebody to manage the outsourcing contract, you will be prepared. If the axe falls and you are out of a job, you will also be prepared to start a job search immediately.

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