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A Beginners Guide to Office Space

A Guide to Get You Started


A Beginners Guide to Office Space

Office Space

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Getting Started

The decisions regarding office space may be some of the most complex and unfamiliar decisions that you will have to make when starting an office. Acquire too much office space in the wrong location and you will be paying too much. Acquire too little office space and you will have to move after only a short period of time. Determining the right amount of office space in the right location will help you to reduce the risk of moving (or setting up for the first time) your office.

How Much Office Space Do You Need?

Before you start looking around at offices, you must first determine how much office space you will need. Your time is valuable. Don't waste your time looking at offices that will be either too large or too small. Take the time to properly estimate how much office space you will need. Then have a commercial real estate agent show you only the offices that are the proper size for your business. Read more...

Selecting an Office Location

The old real estate adage of location-location-location will determine your cost has never been more insightful. But choosing the wrong location will have more of a monetary impact on your business than just the cost of the rent (or mortgage payments). Consider all the implied aspects of choosing the right location for your office and you will minimize your costs while maximizing your value. Read more...

Leasing or Purchasing Office Space

Once you have determined the proper size and the right location for your office, you may face the decision of either renting or purchasing it. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. By carefully considering which issues are most important to your business, you will make the right decision and locate your office in the optimal location for the least amount of money. Read more...

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