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Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning

If you have a business, you should have a disaster recovery plan. I hope you never use it, but if disaster strikes, you'll be glad you took the time to create one. I'll show you an uncomplicated and clear-cut way to write one for your business.

Write a Disaster Recover Plan
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Do You Know the Real Facebook From a Fake One?

Friday September 2, 2011

Ed Bott from ZDnet.com has posted a very interesting article regarding people's ability to discern real e-mail from Facebook versus a phishing attempt. This may look innocent enough, but considering that corporate America is moving more and more towards social media for networking opportunities, this could seriously impact your company if the person who maintains your Facebook presence is not aware of this.

Think about this, the employee who maintains your Facebook page falls for one of the phishing e-mails. The phisher steals the userid and password for your corporate Facebook page. Once in the hands of the bad guys, the damage they can do to your corporate Facebook page and to your company's reputation may be irreparable. So take the time now and make sure your marketing person, or whoever maintains your social media presence, is aware of these scams. Teach them how to recognize legitimate e-mail from Facebook versus bogus ones.

Managed Web Hosting Services Save Money

Friday August 26, 2011

Many companies are either hosting their own website on their company servers or are thinking about creating an Internet presence. Other companies which already have an Internet website are looking to add more advanced features to their website but don't have the internal personnel to do the job. All businesses would like to get the job done better and cheaper.

Managed web hosting companies provide you the opportunity to accomplish your business objectives for an Internet Web presence at a fixed cost. By outsourcing your web hosting requirements you get more than just the opportunity to save money. In my latest article I will give you six reasons why you should use a managed web hosting company.

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Business Etiquette for Email

Friday August 19, 2011

Email use in business is increasing every day. Unfortunately, so is email abuse. I can't begin to tell you how many e-mails I receive each day that are unprofessional, long-winded or totally out of line when it comes to business e-mail etiquette. In fact, I have my spam filter set so that any e-mail that does not contain a subject line is automatically tagged as spam and deleted. With the number of e-mail I receive each day, it is necessary to have a meaningful subject line so I can prioritize the e-mails I need to respond to first.

If you would like to educate your employees on the proper use of business e-mail, then my e-mail etiquette guide is for you. It covers the basics of professional e-mail with such pointers as making sure a subject line is included on every e-mail, to finer points such as replying in a conservative manner.

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Protect Your Business and Run Windows Update NOW!

Friday August 12, 2011

Microsoft has released several "critical" and "important" updates that patch security holes in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. As detailed in Microsoft's Security Bulletin MS11-057, "This security update is rated Critical for Internet Explorer 6 on Windows clients, and for Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, and Internet Explorer 9." This could allow a hacker to take over your company's computer and allow them access to your company's network. If you haven't run Windows Update recently, now is the time.

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