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Today's sophisticated business phone systems can do more harm than good if proper business phone etiquette is not employed. Simply put: Treat your callers in a way that you would want to be treated on a business telephone call. The main areas of business phone etiquette are listed below and they will help you and your employees create a business phone culture in your company that your customers and business associates will enjoy using.

Business Phone Etiquette to Transfer a Call

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Proper business phone etiquette can make a positive impression on your callers. Transferring a telephone call is more than just knowing what buttons to push on your telephone system. The business telephone etiquette that you and your employees use directly reflects upon the image that your business portrays. Learn how to professionally transfer a call without frustrating your caller. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for Putting a Caller On Hold

When a caller is placed on hold, a minute seems like forever. Proper business phone etiquette can improve the perception that the caller has of you and your company even though they were placed on hold. This article explains the little things that you can do and say to minimize the impact of putting a caller on hold. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for Ending a Call

There are several reasons that you may need to end a phone call.  The most common is the "long winded talker" that is consuming your time. Done the right way, you can end the phone call and not damage your reputation or your company's. Here is a guide to show you how to end a phone call professionally and without offending the caller. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for Voicemail Greetings

A voicemail greeting is a statement of who you are and what your company values. A short and abrupt voicemail greeting will send a negative message to your callers. A long and drawn-out greeting will frustrate them. A properly composed voicemail greeting can leave your customers with a positive image of your company. Here are the basics elements of a proper voicemail greeting that you can personalize to your individual needs. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for Department Voicemail Greetings

Providing your callers with an alternative to waiting on hold will give you a competitive advantage. Setting up a departmental voicemail box will give you that advantage. This article will teach you how to do it right and help you keep your callers happy. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for Automated Attendants

The first thing your customers and business associates will hear when they call your company will be your automated attendant. Learn how to write a well thought out and high-quality script to give your callers the service they deserve. Read more...

Business Phone Etiquette for After-Hours/Weekend Automated Attendants

If your business closes after a certain time or on the weekends and there is nobody to answer or assist your callers, create an after-hours automated attendant greeting. Tell your callers up front that the business is closed and ask them to call back at the end. Also include your normal hours of operation. Do this and a few other things and you will well on your way to creating a warm and welcoming automated attendant script. Read more...

Leaving a Professional Phone Message

Voicemail has become a standard part of every business class telephone system and knowing how to leave a professional voicemail phone message will reflect positively upon your company. Every employee that uses the phone as part of their job should know how to leave a professional phone message. Read more...

Improper Voicemail Greetings: The Worst of The Worst

Here is a list of the worst voicemail greetings that About.com readers have ever heard. You think you've heard worse? Enter it here and see how it stacks up against everyone else's horror stories. Read more...
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