1. Money

Connecting With Employees on the Road, in the Field and at Home

Reaching an employee in the office is usually not a problem, but communicating with them in this highly mobile society can prove to be a challenge. Today's technology provides many solutions so that employees can be contacted (and employees can contact the office) no matter where in the world they are. I will also cover the whys-and-hows of telecommuting.

Top Reasons to Give an Employee a Company Cell Phone
Purchasing a cell phone for an employee is just the first expense in an ongoing stream of costs that you will incur. Careful thought must be given before you decide to give an employee a company cell phone. The following is a list of consideration to help you determine if the benefit of the cell phone out weighs the cost.

Cell Phone Policy Sample for Workplaces
Cell phones are great communication devices to help us connect to our employees. But if unmanaged, they can end up costing the company money and create distractions in the work place.

Employees Working From Home Via Telecommuting
One way to connect with employees is to allow them to work from home. Because the Internet is so wide spread, it is easier than ever to connect to the office. But, the communications must be secure. Here is a tutorial that will introduce to you the concept of Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Top Video Conferencing Applications and Services
Sometimes voice teleconferencing just isn’t enough to communicate your thoughts and ideas to your employees. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be priceless. For a minimal investment and a small charge (some are actually free) you can set up a video conference to see the people you are talking to. Use this tool for a brainstorming session and watch the ideas flow.

Mandatory Telecommuting
Telecommuting is a great way to save money and time by providing your employees with an alternate work environment. In most cases the is a win-win situation. Some employers have mandated that employees telecommute. Before you doom yourself to failure, heed these warnings.

How To Choose Teleconference Services
Connecting with employees that are not in the same office does not have to be an expensive travel endeavor. Using today’s technology you can set up a conference call that will connect you to all your employees no matter where they are.

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