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Information is the life-blood of any successful business. What brings success to any business is the ability to move, manage and store information in an efficient and secure manner. Computers and the proper software will give your employees a set of tools to help them accomplish just that. Here are different types of software that you will need in your business:

Word Processing Software for Your Business

Word processing is software that will let you create documents that can be printed or emailed to other people. These include letters, memos, proposals or anything else that can be printed. If you are looking to create more sophisticated documents like brochures and product bulletins, then you will need desktop publishing software.

Spreadsheet Software for Your Business

Spreadsheet software allows you to store, analyze, manipulate and graph numerical data. Examples include accounting data, sales forecasts and charts.

Presentation Software for Your Business

Presentation software allows you to present your ideas in a visually eye-catching manner. This can be projected on a screen and/or printed to be handed out to people in attendance.

Accounting Software for Your Business

Every organization depends upon money to keep operating. The days of long ledgers and accountants with green eyeshades are gone. The accountants are still here, but they have a new set of tools to use. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoicing and general ledger are the basic modules you will need. Remember that accounting software does not replace an account that knows the rules and regulation that apply to your business.

Email Software for Your Business

Email is the process of sending text, pictures and files to other people over the Internet. Some email providers will give you software to access your email account, or will allow you to send and receive email from a webpage with no software at all. Another option is to use software that may be included with your office automation suite like Microsoft Office or use one of the tools listed below.

Retail Establishment Software for Your Business

Retail businesses have a special set of requirements that go beyond what was covered above. The following software will help your store operate efficiently and effectively. This usually includes: Point of sale processing, credit card processing, inventory control, purchasing, order entry.

Manufacturing Software for Your Business

Manufacturing businesses need additional software to facilitate the manufacturing process by planning, tracking and analyzing the consumption of resources. This usually includes: Work orders, production control, inventory control, quality assurance, and purchasing.

Software for Small Businesses

Beyond the software that was covered above, small businesses that are just starting out may not have the financial resources to purchase all the software that they require. Here is a list of software especially for small businesses and several alternative software packages.

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