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Increasing Office Efficiency

Increasing efficiency in the office is more than just making people work faster. It involves a blending of a creative management style along with the application of technology. Establishing incentive programs and empowering employees, when done properly, can not only increase efficiency, but also help improve employee job satisfaction.
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Closing the Office for the Holidays
Preparing your office for a shutdown is as easy as following this "Holiday Shutdown Checklist." Done properly, your customers, vendors and employees will be well aware of your scheduled shutdown and you can avoid angry customers and disgruntled employees upon your return. Additionally, you can also save some money.

Review: Shred-it® On-Site Document Destruction
Do you have too many documents that need to be destroyed every week? Have you ever burned out a shredder? If so, a document destruction company can help. Find out if Shred-it is right for your company.

Reduce Waste Paper, Save Time and Money with Online Bill Paying
Creating an efficient office can start with the simplest of tasks – paying the bills. Every time you touch a piece of paper or get up from your desk to go to the bank, it is costing you money. Eliminate the paper and the travel by paying your bills online.

Compensation Planning for your Employees
When it comes to motivating employees, the component that is most near and dear to their heart is their compensation package. A carefully planned compensation package will include incentives that are tied to efficiencies.

Attendance Bonus for Hourly Employees
Creating efficiencies in the office begins with employees showing up for work on time and on schedule. Creating an attendance bonus for hourly employees will go along way in giving them an incentive to show up.

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